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★ Event 2013-2014 ★

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★ Summer Festival 2013 ★

PTSA Summer Festival 2013 was held on Saturday, June 15 and wow, what a day it was! This year, over 350 students, parents, teachers and staff joined in the fun and made the event a huge success!
The festivities began with a fabulous luncheon of salads, snacks and our very own sushi bar. There were tables brimming with cookies and cakes for dessert, and kids lined up to enjoy icy-cold snow cones and oh-so-sweet cotton candy. Many thanks to the Maple Kitchen for all of their hard work preparing so many delicious dishes for us to enjoy!
While we ate, the talented band of CIS teachers who call themselves “We’ll Be Fine” treated us to some lively tunes and set the stage for the day’s main event -- the student and parent performances!
This year we had 11 different performances, ranging from classical piano to traditional Japanese dance. In addition to showcasing their amazing talent, it was clear that everyone had practiced very, very hard. Thanks, everyone, for giving it your all and delivering such outstanding performances!
Student & Parent Performers
The Kiyoto Family Band
Yo Kanda
Shunsuke Osugi & Hiira Yahagi
Rei Ohno
Emi, Rei & Kent
Gaku Fujita
9th grade dance team
Filipina Singers
Rock Challenge Dance Group
食事中には、先生方のバンド”We’ll Be Fine”の素晴らしい演奏に耳を傾けました。

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★ Live Art Event ★

Live Art Event was held by Divya Cherian and PTSA on Friday, October 18.

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★ Halloween Party 2013 ★

Halloween Party 2013 was held on Sunday, October 27.
Winning the Door Decoration Contest : G8 Mr. Mhlanga’s Class
Winning the Pumpkin Contest
: G1 Ms. Stukic’s Class
Making the Pumpkin in Kindergarten class
Two people participated in "Find People Game" from PTSA member.

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★ Winter Fiesta 2013 ★

Winter Fiesta 2013 was held on Sunday, December 15.
PTSA Bazaar PTSA Game
Meet Santa

We donated a kiln to school by proceeds of the bazaar.

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★ Pottery Making Lesson & Lecture ★

Pottery Making Lesson & Lecture were held on January 17.
Pottery Making Lesson
by Ms. Wakana Koyanagi
Lecture by Living National Treasure Mr. Manji Inoue

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★ Graduation Ceremony ★

Graduation Ceremony was held on March 13th.
Congratulations on your graduation and your promotion!

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