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★ CIS-PTSA Event ★

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★ Entrance Ceremony 2024-2025/2024年度 入学式 ★

Congratulations on entering school !
On April 7th, CIS held an entry ceremony welcoming 56 new students.
Enjoy your new school life!

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★ Graduation Ceremony 2023-2024/2023年度 卒業・進級式 ★

On March 22nd (Thursday), the promotion ceremonies (K3, G6 and G9) and graduation ceremony (G12) were held.
To all the students who have been promoted, we wish you all the best in your future academic life, and we will support you.
To all the graduates, we sincerely hope that your future path will lead you to the realization of your dreams and aspirations.
Congratulations on your promotion or graduation!

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★ Report on Donation to Junior and High School Students/中高生へ寄付の報告 ★

As part of this year's Christmas profit, there were requests from junior and high school students to purchase instruments to replace damaged ones and to enhance opportunities for students to engage with music further. After consideration and approval by the board, we are pleased to report that a portion of the PTSA's funds has been donated towards the purchase of instruments.
We received a thank you message from Mr. Lucier, the teacher of the Music Club, written below.
Hello PTSA,
Here is a photo from our last Music Club practice. Your generous donation allowed us to get the musical gear we needed! Please know that items have been labelled with a PTSA sticker.

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★ Science Fair 2024/サイエンス・フェア2024 ★

The Science Fair was held for the first time in several years on Friday, February 2nd, 2024.
At the school organized Eco-Science booth, students collaborated in groups to compile their research, engage in panel discussions, and deepen their knowledge together.
This time, PTSA had the honor of welcoming the recipient of the Minister of the Environment Award and eco-magician, Mr. Miyamo.
In the magic show, magic tricks that utilized everyday items in an eco-friendly way were shown, as well as science magic incorporating visual illusions. The students enthusiastically participated in the interactive experience.
The PTSA is continuously recruiting parents who would like to participate in proposing and preparing activities to make school life better for the students together!

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★ From the Sophia University student circle/上智大学学生サークルSRSG ★

Thank you for your cooperation and donations at the Christmas Fiesta. We have received appreciation from the Sophia University student circle and Professor David Slater, would like to share it with you.
First of all, we would like to thank the Columbia Family for all of your kind donation of clothes and food items.
We were able to distribute your donations during our December refugee cafe, one of our main activity events that we have in our support group. It was a treendous success and our refugee friends were overjoyed and very thankful for all of your support. We were able to give out most of the clothes and thanks to the Columbia family, our refugee friends can spend a comfortable time through the cold Japan winter.
Dear Columbia International School Family
This is David Slater, professor of cultural anthropology at the faculty of liberal arts at Sophia University. I just wanna tell you how hugely grateful we are for the wonderful effort and great results that you guys made on behalf of Sophia refugee support group.
When Hinano brought all of those clothes I couldn’t believe it. Your generosity is so impressive. Please know that your efforts meant that many many refugees are going to be much warmer this winter than they would’ve been otherwise.
I wish I could thank you in person but for now I will just have to say by text. Thank you so much.
先日行われた12月の難民カフェで皆様に寄付していただいた食料、そして衣類を難民の方々に渡すことができました。みんなとても喜んでおり、食料と洋服はほとんど全ての人の手に渡ることができました。特に衣類はすぐになくなってしまうほど大盛況でした。難民の方々もこの寒い日本の冬をコロンビアファミリーのおかげで少しでも快適に過ごせることでしょう。 この度はご協力していただき誠に有難う御座いました。
上智大学教養学部の文化人類学教授デイビッド・スレーターです。 ソフィア難民支援グループを代表して、皆さんが成し遂げられた素晴らしい努力と素晴らしい成果に、私たちがどれほど感謝しているかをお伝えしたいと思います。 ヒナノがその服を全部持ってきてくれたときは信じられませんでした。皆さんのご協力のおかげで、多くの難民がこの冬をずっと暖かく過ごすことができるということを知ってください。直接お礼を言いたいのですが、今はメッセージで伝えさせていただきます。どうもありがとう。

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★ Christmas Fiesta 2023/クリスマス・フィエスタ2023 ★

The Christmas Fiesta 2023 was a resounding success!
With 15 dedicated PTSA board members and 9 enthusiastic volunteers, they assisted in;
・Uniform Bazaar
・Charity Shop sales
・Advance preparation for food drives and the Fiesta
・Safety management during the Fiesta

【Uniform Bazaar】
At the Uniform Bazaar, we sold school uniforms donated by current and former students, raising a total of \115,500. Thank you for making it a hit again this year!
制服バザーでは、在校生、卒業生などから寄付していただいた学校指定の衣類を中心に販売して、115,500円の収益を得ました。 開始の前から沢山お並びいただく毎年大人気なイベントの一つですが、今年も盛況に終わりました。ご協力ありがとうございます。
【Charity Shop】
Our Charity Shop featured vegetables grown by the PTSA members, Christmas goods, and an exciting lottery, raising \65,695.
It was heartwarming to see children choosing books and high schoolers excitedly challenging the lottery under the clear blue sky.
【Food Drive】
For this year’s Food Drive, we continued our support for "和田子ども食堂(Wada Children’s Kitchen)" in Tokorozawa and "Sophia Refugee Support Group" at Sophia University.
Thanks to your generosity, families and refugees benefited from regular food provisions.
今年のフードドライブでは、 昨年に引き続いて、所沢市の「和田子ども食堂」(と、 卒業生が在籍する上智大学の難民支援サークル「SRSG(Sophia Refugee Support Group)」(Website:sophia-refugee-support-group)の2箇所へ寄付を行いました。
Amidst the relaxed atmosphere filled with cheerful Christmas songs, diverse events unfolded, bringing the Fiesta to a successful close.
We hope everyone had a fantastic time!

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★ Halloween Party 2023/ハロウィンパーティ2023 ★

The school had a Halloween Party on Saturday, October 28th, 2023.
On the day, the students engaged in activities such as carving out Jack-O'- Lantern and creating Halloween themed posters. The Jack-O'-Lanterns were crafted by each grade from kindergarten to high school, each creating a unique and splendid design, showcasing their creative thinking. As well as homerooms from middle and high school also worked on Halloween themed posters, which got displayed on the walls of the main building later on.
朝一番、子ども達は各クラスで、かぼちゃのランタン製作やハロウィンのポスター作りに励みました。 かぼちゃのランタンは、キンダー生から高校生まで、それぞれが趣向を凝らしたユニークで素晴らしい作品が出来上がりました。 中高生では、各クラス生徒で協力して壁に貼る大きなポスター作りも行われていました。
After finishing up the Jack-O'-Lantern, the Elementary school students participated in a Trick-or-Treat event, parading through the school to find ‘wanted’ individuals. PTSA officers, dressed in costumes as "wanted" figures, joined the event, adding to the excitement.
For the Halloween Party this year, PTSA undertook tasks such as purchasing and transporting snacks for all students, acquiring and transporting pumpkins for the pumpkin carving, and preparing and providing prizes for the costume contest and the pumpkin carvings contest. Additionally, following the parents and teacher interview on the week before the Halloween, PTSA officers and spot volunteers collaborated to prepare snack packs and arranged it for the distribution to each class.
Children showcased their enthusiasm from the morning with costumes inspired by characters from books, anime, movies, and Halloween-themed ghosts, along with unique makeup looks and outfits. Teachers and staff also contributed to the festive atmosphere with creative costumes, concluding the Halloween Party on a high note.
The successful execution of such significant school events is made possible by the understanding and cooperation of parents. PTSA will continue the efforts to provide better support for the students. We sincerely appreciate the ongoing understanding and cooperation of all parents.
保護者の皆さまのご理解とご協力があってこそ、このような大きな学校イベントは無事に開催されます。 今後も子ども達にとってより良いサポートとなれるようPTSAは積極的に活動を行います。 引き続き、保護者の皆さまのご理解とご協力をよろしくお願いします。

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★ Sports Day2023(Kinder and Elementary)/スポーツデー2023(幼・小) ★

The kinder and elementary sports day was held under pleasant weather on October 14th (Saturday). This was also the day where parents and guardians were finally able to visit and cheer on their children for the first time in 3 years. Not only the students, but teachers and parents were all enjoying themselves. The PTSA prepared apples and were distributed to the students at the end of Sports Day.
Thank you to everyone for your hard work!
10/14(土)気持ちの良い天候の中、幼・小のスポーツデーが開催されました。 保護者も参加するスポーツデーは3年ぶりです。生徒はもちろん、先生、保護者も皆さま楽しそうに過ごしていました。 PTSAからは参加賞としてリンゴを準備し、スポーツデー終了後に生徒たちへ配りました。

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★ Open Day 2023 (Fall Term) /2023年秋学期学校公開 ★

The school held an open day on September 23rd, and had many visitors.
During the class inspection period, the PTSA members, along with the current students, graduates, and school staff, accompanied the visitors to answer questions, give insights on the school's atmosphere, as well as share their experiences on topics such as considering paths beyond graduation and how parents/guardians could support their child's education at home.
現生徒・卒業生と共に、各課程の保護者を代表したPTSA役員及び会員が参加して、見学に同行しました。 学校の雰囲気、授業の様子、家庭での学習支援、進路についてなど様々な質問に、体験談としてお応えしました。
Thank you so much for visiting our school!

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★ Reporting Sport Equipment Donation/寄付の報告 ★

PTSA Activity Report:
Donation of Sport Equipment to Elementary School
The PTSA has donated new sport equipment to elementary school.
The school had lacked amounts of certain sport equipment including basketballs and soccer balls. In addition, some equipment were in bad quality which was also a problem. The PTSA had a meeting discussing this and decided on purchasing equipment for the school.
The equipment was donated and presented to the elementary students on September 4th, the first day of fall term. The equipment has been used in PE classes and various club activities.
We would like to thank you for your cooperation and understanding.
エレメンタリーより、 汚損による買い換えや数量不足のための追加が検討されていたスポーツ用品等の購入要望があり、役員会で検討後、承認。PTSAから学校に寄贈しましたことをここに報告いたします。

・Hockey sticks
・Tennis balls for throwing
・Volleyballs for outdoors
・Bean bags
・Mesh Ball Bags
・Soccer Ball for outside
・Soft sponge balls
・Hula hoops
16 piece set
30 balls pack
4 sets of 12
4 sets of 10
・ホッケー スティック
・バレーボール 屋外用
・メッシュ ボールバッグ
・サッカーボール 屋外用
TOTAL: 264,963 yen 合計金額 264,963 円

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★ JAPANADA DAY 2023/2023年度 ジャパナダデー ★

On Thursday July 6th, the school celebrated Japan+Canada Day=“Japanada Day” under a terrific weather condition. As usual, the preschool and elementary students, and the junior and senior students enjoyed various activities including water balloon fights on the field. This year, unlike the previous years, the parents and guardians were also invited to join the students in the activities. We hope you had a great time with the students at school!
After the major events were completed, both students and the teachers enjoyed poutine, a Canadian dish.
For this event, the PTSA board members mainly contributed in planning and preparing for this event, as well as helping the teachers run the event on the day.

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★ Open Day 2023 Spring/2023年度春 学校公開日 ★

The school had an open day on Saturday June 24th. We had a lot of visitors who came around to observe the class of their interest.
During the day, some of the PTSA members who are also the parents of students from elementary and secondary school got involved in the event, answering the questions from visitors. Meanwhile, several students from each grade guided the visitors around, answering questions too from the student's perspective.
PTSA役員からは、幼小中高のそれぞれを代表して参加し、来校者の方々からの質問に保護者の率直な体験談等をお答えしました。 各課程の在校生は積極的に校内を案内しながら来校者へ応対していました。
In addition, alumni students were also invited to school to help out with the questionnaires, which they answered from their past experiences at Columbia and their current life.

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★ School Uniform Bazaar/制服バザー ★

On June 7th, we held a uniform bazaar, as well as a parents / guardians get-together during the first parents day of the year. Thankfully, we had a lots of visitors. Thank you so much for those who visited!
6/7(水)今年度初めての保護者参観日に、制服バザーと保護者懇親会の場が開催されました。 多くの方にご来場いただき、ご協力ありがとうございました。
During the bazaar, we generated 61,510 yen in total. All of this money will be donated to the school, which will be used to improve the students' experience at school.
We will keep you up to date with all of the activities here on PTSA website, so please check the website now and then, if interested.

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★ Emergency food stock/災害時非常食 ★

We prepared to swap in the new emergency food stock in place of last year's stock on June 7th.
As you may know, it is important to renew the food stocks every year in order to avoid them from being expired. For this reason, PTSA purchases a new set of food stocks each year, keeping it ready to be used all year round. The food stocks from the last year we will be swapping it out in favour of the new stock will later be distributed to the students to eat, so please try it out with your children.
ご承じと思いますが、いざ非常食を使用する時に消費期限切れとなる事態を避けるため、 非常食はPTSA会費から毎年度新たに購入し更新を行なっています。 前年度の非常食は後日、生徒へ配りますので、保護者の皆さまも味見ください。
【Emergency foods distributed in the past】
The next step to renewing the emergency stock is to order the food stock, which PTSA will be doing soon. If you have any ideas on new kinds of emergency food stocks, please feel free to contact us. ※Please be aware that we may not use your ideas of issues regarding allergies is expected from the suggested product.
昨年度も非常食を使用する事なく過ごせたことに感謝をし、近日中に今年度分の非常食の発注を行います。そこで、もしお勧めの非常食案などがありましたら、ぜひPTSAへご連絡ください。 ※ご提案いただきましてもアレルギー対応などの観点から、ご希望に添えない場合もございます。予めご了承ください。

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★ Dental Lecture/歯科医による講演会 ★

On May 8th, Dr. Iguchi, the director of Iguchi Dental Clinic(いぐち歯科クリニック, and Dr. Nakahama, an orthodontist, gave a lecture to the students about dental health. The students learned about four topics, which were:
@Teeth during its growth period and how to take care of it.
AWhat to do when you damage your mouth or chip your teeth.
BGood teeth alignment.
CThe importance of having an education about dental health from a young age.
With the annual school-wide health check scheduled on May 12th, we believe this lecture helped students to learn and gain insights into why maintaining dental health is significant.
Due to the lecture being delayed by a few months from the original date in the previous school year, we had to hold this event on the day without prior notice. For this reason, the parents and guardians were not able to attend the lecture. However, the dentists included information directed toward the parents and the guardians. As a result, we have recorded and will share the second and third parts of the lecture. The link to the videos will be listed below, so if you are interested, please take a look.

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★ Report/報告 ★

PTSA paid part of the futsal goal costs as a donation to G7-12. Also, we sent a Sports Day fund to Kinder-G6.

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