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★ CIS-PTSA Event ★

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★ Entrance Ceremony 2021-2022 ★

Entrance Ceremony was held on April 4th.
Wishing you a great time at your new school!

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★ Japanada Day 2021 ★

The school hosted Japanada Day event on July 2nd, 2021. To celebrate, a traditional Canadian food "Poutine" was served to all students from PTSA.
This year, we invited a martial arts teacher who lectured students and teachers about the essence of martial arts and importance of having strong heart.

After the lecture, students practiced skills that can be used to protect themselves from strangers who attempts physical contact.
Junior and Senior high school students also participated and enjoyed learning martial art skills. Many students were successful at loosening from the grip of some of the strongest teachers!
After the event, students and teachers interacted with each other and had a great time playing together.

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★ Halloween Party 2021 ★

CIS held a closed Halloween event at school on October 29th, Friday. Students enjoyed and celebrated the day of spooks by wearing creative and iconic costumes, and later paraded around the school to show them off.
They also enjoyed the pumpkin carving contest and trick or treating, which the pumpkins and the treats were provided by PTSA.
Thanks to the tremendous efforts by teachers, staff and parents, we were able to have a great Halloween yet again!!

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★ Christmas Fiesta 2021 ★

On Sunday December 12th, the school held a Christmas Fiesta.
The school, student council, and the PTSA staff members all worked hard to work around the limitations due to corona virus situation, and successfully provide an exciting, enjoyable fiesta for everyone! Here are some of the activities PTSA has proudly done to prepare and run the fiesta in 2021:
Firstly, to answer to the demands by students, PTSA has prepared and distributed a gift package of snacks! We hope you all liked and enjoyed them!
Then, to shape the ideas from student council and school, we also prepared and managed a fire pit at the school ground, where students and teachers could cook and eat roasted marshmallows and s'mores! With the help of our staff members and volunteers, we made sure that everything was safely done from igniting the fire to extinguishing and cleaning up, and also helped students and children to create their very own s'mores.
It was very lovely to see everyone stuffing their marshmallows and s'mores into their mouth, already eager to create some more!
This year, unlike previous years, the PTSA has decided to hold a campaign of collecting food donations with the Christmas Spirits.
The food donations generously provided by PTSA members were delivered to "コープみらい新所沢店" (Corp Mirai Sin-Tokorozawa) by the staff members on that day, which we donated under the name of Columbia International School! All of these food donations will be distributed by "Foodbank Saitama" to those who require the support.
To conclude, the PTSA team is and will be always committed to make sure that everyone is able to spend a safe and fun school life. And the membership fees that are collected from everyone is being used to further enhance the student's experience through various activities. We are sincerely thankful to all of you, because we would have not been able to do any of these without the support! Once again, thank you all for the continued support, and we hope that you all will spend a wonderful year.

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★ Graduation Ceremony 2021-2022 ★

On March 10th, CIS had a promotion ceremony for K3, G6, and G9 students, and a graduation ceremony for the G12 students.
To all of you who got promoted, keep up the good work and pursue your goals and dreams!
To all of the graduating students, we are very proud of you all and wish that your future will be even more wonderful and exciting!
Once again, congratulation on your promotion and graduation!

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