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★ Event 2015-2016 ★

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★ Entrance Ceremony02015-2016 ★

Entrance Ceremony was held on April 5th.
Congratulations on your entrance into Columbia International School!

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★ Annual General Meeting & Reception 2015 ★

PTSA Annual General Meeting & Reception was held on April 18th 2015.
 PTSA Minutes for April 2015 (議事録)
The reception was also held. We enjoyed a lot of time with teachers, staff and CIS families!
We greatly appreciate your participation in PTSA Annual General Meeting!

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★ Summer Festival 2015 ★

PTSA Summer Festival 2015 was held on Saturday, June 13! This year, 349 students, parents, teachers and staff joined in the fun and made the event a huge success!
Students' Performer
Teachers' Performer
The final event of the day was the big lottery! Am I a winner?
Lucky winners went home with a fabulous prize, a physical reminder of the great time had by all at this year’s event!
We are looking forward to seeing you again next summer!
●Columbia International School(CIS) Student Council
●CIS Teachers ●CIS Staff
●CIS PTSA Spot volunteers ●CIS PTSA Members
◎CB service ◎さかえや

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★ Alumni BBQ Party 2015 (Support for School event) ★

Alumni BBQ Party was held on June 20th. We presented any alcohol, juice and food to them.

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★ Dance Party 2k15 (Support for Student council event) ★

Student council held the Dance Party 2k15. PTSA supported it!
They had a great time. We are glad to hear that!

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★ Canada Day Party 2015 ★

The Canada Day Party was held on July 2nd at Columbia International School. We invited the ZERO Double Dutch & Gymnastic Activity with PTSA's event.
Some teachers and students experienced the Double Dutch.
We had a lot of fun.
Thank you so much!
And then...
The PTSA presented canned bread of emergency rations to students.

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★ Halloween Party 2015 ★

Halloween Party 2015 was held on Sunday, October 31st.
★★★ The Pumpkin Contest ★★★
 ◆◆◆ The Costume Contest ◆◆◆
Did you enjoy the Halloween Party? We look forward to seeing you again next year!

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★ Christmas Fiesta 2015 ★

Columbia International School's Christmas Fiesta 2015 was held on Sunday, December 13th.
◆◇◆ PTSA Bazaar  ◆◇◆
◆◇◆  ◆◇◆  ◆◇◆
Many thanks to all of you!!

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★ Science Show ★

PTSA winter event "Science Show 2016" was held on Friday, February 5th! Mr. Ichioka and Mr. Ebitani perform this show by Yonemura Denjiro Science Production supervision.
We were able to enjoy learning Science!

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★ Graduation Ceremony 2015-2016 ★

Graduation Ceremony was held on March 15th.
Congratulations on your graduation and your promotion!
Stay hungry, Stay foolish!!

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