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★ Event 2016-2017 ★

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★ Entrance Ceremony 2016-2017 ★

Entrance Ceremony was held on April 3rd.
Enjoy your school life!

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★ Annual General Meeting & Reception 2016 ★

 PTSA Minutes for April 2016 (議事録)
The reception was also held. We enjoyed a lot of time with teachers, staff and CIS families!

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★ Summer Festival 2016 ★

PTSA Summer Festival 2016 was held on Saturday, June 11! This year, 324 students, parents, teachers and staff joined in the fun and made the event a huge success!
The final event of the day was the big lottery!
Lucky winners went home with a fabulous prize, a physical reminder of the great time had by all at this year’s event!
We are looking forward to seeing you again next summer!
●Columbia International School(CIS) Student Council
●CIS Teachers ●CIS Staff
●CIS PTSA Spot volunteers ●CIS PTSA Members
◎Cezars Kitchen ◎さかえや

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★ Alumni BBQ Party 2016 (Support for School event) ★

Alumni BBQ Party was held on June 18th. We took some bottles of wine for them.

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★ Canada Day Party 2016 ★

The Canada Day Party was held on July 1st at Columbia International School. We invited the Cup-and-ball maestro, Mr. Yusuke Ito with PTSA's event.
All students and teachers experienced Cup-and-ball (けん玉). They enjoyed a lot!
 The PTSA gave the canned bread of emergency rations to students.

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★ Halloween Party 2016 ★

Halloween Party 2016 was held on Sunday, October 29th. Fun, fun, fun!!!
★★★ The Pumpkin Contest ★★★
◆◆◆ The Costume Contest ◆◆◆

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★ Slacklines Experience ★

The PTSA event was held on Friday, November 25th. We invited "GIBBON SLACKLINES" members. They are slacklines' international pro athletes. We saw thier performance and tried slacklines!
Students looked enjoy a lot. Thank you so much for "GIBBON SLACKLINES" members!

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★ Christmas Fiesta 2016 ★

Columbia International School's Christmas Fiesta 2016 was held on Sunday, December 11th.
◆◇◆ the PTSA Bazaar  ◆◇◆
It was a great response. We really appreciate it!
◆◇◆  ◆◇◆  ◆◇◆  ◆◇◆
Merry Christmas & Happy New Year 2017!

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★ Graduation Ceremony 2016-2017 ★

Graduation Ceremony was held on March 8th.
Congrats graduate! We wish you the best of luck in the future.

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